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"The surround recording provides an outstanding acoustic experience."


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Download Janowski's Ring on PENTATONE and we will send you a copy of the 250-page book that acompanies the physical edition of this milestone recording project.

The LP-sized book features:

  • Libretto in original German with English translations
  • Artist biographies
  • Detailed cast and track information
  • Synopses

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Download Janowski’s Ring Cycle on PENTATONE this weekend and you’ll receive a free physical copy of the deluxe 250-page book.

"The superb recording quality is there again, enabling the pinpoint accuracy of the strings (in particular) to come strongly through. This is a remarkably enjoyable performance, excellently performed and recorded. Most importantly, it seems to be perfectly attuned to Wagner’s world. The speeds are swift, in general, but there is never a feeling of rush, more of a feeling of impetuosity, enabling Wagner’s magnificent score to come to life. Presentation is, as always from this source, exemplary." 


"That I still believe this Siegfried must be added to any self-respecting Wagner library is mainly because of Janowski’s masterly conducting of his first-rate orchestra. There are many marvellous passages. These include, notably the Preludes to each of the Acts, his accompaniments to the arrival of the Wanderer in Act I and Siegfried’s reflections under the lime tree in Act II. There’s also the incredibly pictorial - beautifully incandescent - passages in Act III as the clouds disperse and Siegfried braves the flames to reach the sleeping Brünnhilde and awaken her."

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Das Rheingold

Tomasz Konieczny (Wotan), Christian Elsner (Loge), Iris Vermillion (Fricka), Günther Groissböck (Fasolt), Timo Riihonen (Fafner), Jochen Schmeckenbecher (Alberich), Ricarda Merberth (Freia), Andreas Conrad (Mime), Maria Radner (Erda), Julia Borchert (Woglinde), Katharina Kammerloher (Wellgunde), Kismara Pessatti (Flosshilde)

Die Walküre

Tomasz Konieczny (Wotan), Iris Vermillion (Fricka), Robert Dean Smith (Siegmund), Melanie Diener (Sieglinde), Timo Riihonen (Hunding), Petra Lang (Brünnhilde), Anja Fidelia Ulrich (Gerhilde), Fionnuala McCarthy (Ortlinde), Heike Wessels (Waltraute), Kismara Pessatti (Schwertleite), Carola Höhn (Helmwige), Wilke te Brummelstroete (Siegrune), Nicole Piccolomini (Grimgerde) & Renate Spingler (Roßweiße)


 Tomasz Konieczny (Der Wanderer/Wotan), Stephen Gould (Siegfried), Violeta Urmana (Brünnhilde), Anna Larsson (Erda), Matti Salminen (Fafner), Jochen Schmeckenbecher (Alberich), Christian Elsner (Mime), Sophie Klußmann (Stimme eines Waldvogels)


Lance Ryan (Siegfried), Petra Lang (Brünnhilde), Matti Salminen (Hagen), Edith Haller (Gutrune), Markus Bruck (Gunther), Marina Prudenskaja (Waltraute), Jochen Schmeckenbecher (Alberich), Susanne Resmark (Erste Norn), Christa Mayer (Zweite Norn), Jacquelyn Wagner (Dritte Norn), Julia Borchert (Woglinde), Katharina Kammerloher (Wellgunde), Kismara Pessatti (Flosshilde)

Rundfunkchor Berlin & Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin, Marek Janowski